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Intro and all that stuff?
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paralyzing_time wrote in jrock_ffrequest
Familiarity:  the GazettE, alice nine., Miyavi, LM.C, ScReW

Het/Yaoi/Yuri: I only do yaoi and sometimes het if I feel like I can manage it. Sorry, absolutely no Yuri.

Quantity: Two at a time, for now. School's been killing me.

Trade: Not necessarily. All I ask is for you to like the fic because I put time and effort into them. :) 

Rating(s): K to NC-17. Nothing bothers me.

Special Wishes: Please, please, PLEASE do not ask me to write hardcore, like really hardcore, fluff. I cannot stand it. Basically I can do small stuff like cuddling together and 'making love', but I'm not exactly good at it. Angst, I can definitely do. Crack? It depends on my mood, honestly. No series fics either; those I cannot even do on my own.


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