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Reposting myself with changes
teru, paint
kami_chama_luv wrote in jrock_ffrequest
Here I am again with some slight changes xD OH and to the two who have requests, I am going to do them as soon as possible. I have lots of free time right now! (If you would like to change and/or update them, feel free)

Familiarity: Dir en grey, An Cafe, X Japan, SID, the GazettE, Nightmare, alice nine., LUNA SEA (well, just Ryuichi, J, and Sugizo), LM.C, Malice Mizer, Phantasmagoria, Vidoll (Jui, Rame, Giru), Gackt/Miyavi, Angelo (Kirito and Kohta), ScReW (everyone except Jin [I can try him though]), Miyavi, S.K.I.N., HYDE, T.M.Revolution, Kiyoharu, Kenzi, Asagi, Ryutaro, Yumehito and Aoi from Ayabie, hide/Yoshiki, Sugizo/Yoshiki, Kaya, Versailles, Hakuei, Satsuki, Sadie, Hora, SuG (haven't attempted everyone), and VAMPS

Het/Yaoi/Yuri: Yaoi, please. I can do hetero, but choose not to usually

Quantity: Probably 5. Can't guarantee how fast I can get them done, but I promise I will.

Trade: Sure if you'd like to! ^-^

Rating(s): Pretty much anything, but I can't really do descriptive sex. Tried and failed so far...but my friend tells me I write some of the best she's read.

Special Wishes: If you're willing to be doing a trade, we can arrange something. Umm...I have all of these really weird pairings that no one has ever heard of, but yeah... It'll depend on the pairing for the situation and such. If you don't like Jrockers being OOC, don't request from me and please don't criticize.


Will: AU, kink (to an extent), mpreg (I like this), anime crossover (only if I know it [ex. using the world and concepts of Chobits][just ask]), crack pairings

Won't: Anything with Toshi from X JAPAN in it (it's just gross to me). I shall not write Kami from Malice Mizer with any one except for his special pairing I've made him. That still leaves a lot open, but I have to stick to my code when I write. I will only write Gackt with Miyavi, no exceptions and I will not do Yoshiki/Miyavi, so please don't ask. Sorry!


cadkitten- Die x Reita, NC-17 as possible, comfort
xoshimmystarox- J x Inoran- anything really and Sugizo x Aki- seme Sugizo, pierceing kink


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