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hello there!
oshareprincess wrote in jrock_ffrequest
it's kind of dead here, but 100+ members are still watching, right?
so I want to try to write again, and I've been writing stuff on and off for a few months now anyway.

Familiarity: only completely comfortable with Antic Cafe (only new!Cafe, I don't like Bou), but I also like Janne da Arc, Ayabie, alice nine. and GazettE.

Het/Yaoi/Yuri: I love j-rock het (see special wishes), but I also do yaoi too. though it makes me feel kinda bad to write yaoi the way everyone else does, I do it anyway ahaha.

2-3 at a time, I just need something to jumpstart this mixed fandom art/writing journal with j-rock stuff too.

Trade: I'd prefer not to, because I'd feel pressured to do a perfect job, and I don't like pressure. but if you really want to...

Rating(s): anything from G to NC-17, though I'm such a perv, I have more fun with NC-17 things

Special Wishes:
I'll write anyone from An Cafe generally, but I'd prefer to use at least one of these if it's one of the other bands: You, Ka-yu (Janne da Arc), Intetsu (Ayabie), Hiroto (alice nine.) and Reita (GazettE). but I still can write shorter things with anyone, if you give me a summary of everyone involved and let me have a little creativity.
- I also love female OCs or even self-inserts (lol) for whatever reason. you can totally ask me to write you and your favorite J-rocker if I like him. or if you don't mind something short, anyone at all. 2nd person sounds awesome, too.
- I also kinda have a thing for gender bending/switching + pr0nz, so if you want that, I'll probably do it regardless of who it is. ahahahaha.

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not having a good Reita icon yet makes me feel bad...
but anyway sure! as long as you tell me what Jyou's like. I don't know anything about that band, so. and a theme/prompt/etc. would be nice if you've got a specific idea in mind.
do you want a little bit of lead-in (or too much as usually happens with me) or should I just get straight down to business?
and do you want me to e-mail/LJ message you with other questions, or do you want me just to just go with what you give me? I like to get everything right if possible.

I don't mind if you PM me. Also, a little on the band... Jyou is really tom-boyish, I guess you can say. Sort of reserved, really determined and the like but she gets flustered easily? I don't really know how to explain it, but I'm sure if you let it just flow out, it'll come out pretty well :3 I'm not picky xD

A good lead-in would be swell, though I don't mind if you get down to the nitty gritty asap ahhahaha. You can just PM me with questions, if needed :]

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