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car accident
obbsession612 wrote in jrock_ffrequest
this fanstory was going to origanlly be about Miyavi and Maya, but as i wrote more i changed it to Bou and Teruki. I dont own An Cafe, so i beg noooo lawsuits i am too poor to pay for a sueing lol :p i hope you enjoy ^-^
  The red and white lights are the only things I see. I can hear people talking, but very faintly. A shadow falls over me, I can only make out the man’s outline his voice sounds so far away,

“Don’t worry. You will be ok. . .” I whisper,

“Call Teruki.” before I lose consciousness.


I get a phone call from the hospital. I think to myself why is the hospital calling me? I answer,

“Hello?” I speak into the phone.

“Hello. This is Teruki correct?” the voice speaking to me sounds dull.

“Yes, what’s wrong? What happened?” a lump grows in my throat. The dull, cold voice speaks,

“There was a car accident today. And Bou Minisuka told us to call you before he fell unconscious.” The lump grows deeper, my eyes sting.

“Bou? Is he ok?” The voice pauses,

“He is a coma right now, but yes, he is ok.” Bou is in a coma?

“Ok, thank you ma’am. I’ll be over right away.” The voice replies,

“You’re welcome.” And hangs up. I close my cell phone and run outside, forgetting my car keys, I turn around and get them. I fly into my car. I speed all the way to the Second Chance Hospital. I get to the front desk, the lady in her crisp white uniform, looks at me through her glasses.

“Yes? May I help you sir?” I nod,

“Yes, I got a phone call about Bou. I’m Teruki.” The nurse nods and speaks, this must have been the same nurse I was talking too. Her dead voice calm and bored.

“Ok. Mr. Minisuka’s room is on floor 3, room 342.” I nod,

“Thank you ma’am.” She nods again and returns to reading the forms in her hands. I run towards the elevators. The doors open and I dash inside. And press number three repeatedly. This is taking forever! Hurry up! Bou needs me! Finally I arrive on floor three. I wonder around quickly looking for 342. I find it at the end of the hallway.

I open the door and see Bou in the hospital bed. He looks so small in the bed, wires are connected everywhere to him. I walk over to him and take a seat next to him.  His beautiful face scratched up and his platinum blonde hair is stained with blood and dirt. I take his limp, slender hand and just stare at him. This is all my fault. If we hadn’t gotten into that fight he wouldn’t have left and gotten into the car accident.

 I sit there for an hour, just thinking about the last thing I said to him, I was in a bad mood when I came home from work. When Bou was asking me about work I ignored him, just wanting to be left alone. He started prying and I started yelling. He stared at me, this was our first fight. I kept yelling. When I was done he said something I can’t remember and I blew up on him and screamed. I told him to get out of my sight, that he is such a pain in my ass. Just go away. I instantly wanted to take it back, the hurt in his eyes. I remember how he just stared in my eyes then turned his back on me, grabbed his car keys and left. I went after him, he turned towards me and coldly said,

“No, you wanted me gone. And now I am going.” I grabbed his hands, but they slipped away. And he was gone.


Now look what has happened. This is all my fault. What if he never wakes up? Tears sting my eyes. The nurse comes in,

“Sir? Visiting hours are over.” I stare at her, I must have fallen asleep, I look at the clock, it reads seven p.m.

“Please, ma’am let me stay here.” She shakes her head sternly at me, pursing her lips together. I sigh and dig into my wallet and pull out a hundred fifty dollars and offer it to her,

“Please. I don’t want to leave him alone, this is all my fault that he is in a coma.” I beg her, I feel my throat close, I’m close to crying. The nurse looks at me and bites her lip,

“Alright, keep your money though. I’ll get a blanket for you.” I smile at her with pure gratitude.

“Thank you so much.” She nods and leaves the room to get me a blanket. I stare at Bou, and move his hair away from his face. And kiss his nose,

“Don’t worry Bou, I’m right here. Even if they make me go home  I will visit you every day.” The nurse returns with a blanket and pillow.

“Here you are sir.” I take them,

“Thank you again ma’am.” She smiles faintly and walks away. I take the blanket and wrap myself in it and fall asleep holding Bou’s hand.

I come and visit Bou every day. The hospital staff literally have to kick me out. This goes on for a couple of weeks. It is now a month and a half since Bou got into the car accident. While I sit by his bed, holding his hand just staring at him. A doctor pulls me out of the room,

“Sir, I don’t mean to worry you, but the longer Mr. Minisuka is in a coma the chances of his surviving decreases.” I nod,

“Bou isn’t going to die. He will wake up.” The doctor nods and walks away. I go back into the room. I take Bou’s hand and sob quietly.

A week passes. And I grow more depressed every day. I come into Bou’s room and sit in my chair, holding his hands crying silently.

“Teruki, why are you crying?” I hear a small, weak voice whisper to me, I look down at Bou and see that he is awake. I cover my mouth with my free hand and cry some more. I bend down and give Bou a hug,

“Bou! I thought you were going to die! I’m so sorry that I said those mean things to you. I felt guilty these past weeks because I thought those were the last words I ever said to you!” Bou wraps his arms around my neck,

“It’s ok Teruki, I know you didn’t mean it.” I cry into his shoulder,

“I was so scared! I’m so sorry Bou. I want you to know that I love you with all my heart, no matter what I say in the future I just want you to know that I would die for your safety!” I hear Bou crying too,

“I love you too Teruki! I would die for you too!” I pull back and stare into his dark brown eyes,

“No, you won’t be doing anymore dying for a while Bou.” He smiles and I bend down to kiss him.

Note: in the original i was going to have Bou die, but i have a soft heart and couldnt bear killing off Bou. so i made it a happy ending instead <3


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