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Double date at the Zoo
obbsession612 wrote in jrock_ffrequest

i (sadly) do not own Dir en Grey. so please no lawsuit :p

  “Oh my god! It’s a goat! Kyo, look how cute the baby goat is!” Shinya squeals. He runs toward to the little fluffy baby goat. The baby goat tries to head butt him, and rams into his shin. Shinya laughs and bends down to pet it. The kid, however tries to eat his shirt. Kyo nods, smiling a little bit at Shinya, Shinya returns the smile. I watch them as Kyo lightly pecks a kiss on Shinya’s nose. Shinya blushes and looks away.  Die sits down next to me, with some popcorn and beer. He hands me a bag of popcorn and a bottle of beer, I look at him,

            “They serve beer at a zoo?” Die shakes his head smugly,

            “Nope, I brought it in with us.” I roll my eyes smiling,

            “Of course.” Die reaches into his pocket,

            “Cigarette?” He holds a cigarette in front of me, I ponder for a little while, but fall to the temptation. I grab it and put it in my mouth as Die lights my cigarette. I take in a breath, inhaling the toxic smoke that I can’t get enough of. I lean my head back and blow smoke rings into the clear, blue sky. Die lights his cigarette and lets the smoke seep from his mouth, breathing the smoke back into his nostrils, then blowing it back out his mouth again. I shake my head.

            “Show off.” Die starts laughing,

            “Hey, don’t be a hater just cuz you can’t do it.” I smile,

            “No, I’m just too cool for the French technique.” Die rolls his eyes laughing,

            “Yeah, ok. Think what you want Toshi.” I lightly strike his shoulder,

            “Hey!” Die laughs again, taking in another drag of his cigarette, then starts drinking his beer. We both sit on the bench, watching Kyo and Shinya pet the goats. Shinya has been so happy lately ever since he started dating Kyo. I still feel bad for embarrassing them at the ice cream parlor. Die exhales, the smoke curling up towards the sky, and mutters,

            “Well, this is a fun double date.” I turn towards him smiling a little bit,

            “I kinda like it, its calm here. Not a lot of people recognize us, so that’s a plus. Also, we can just get away from the craziness.” Die shrugs,

            “Yeah, I guess you do have a point. Bwahaha! Kyo is getting chased by a goat!” I turn back towards the petting zoo and see Kyo getting chased around by a big old goat, after running around for a while he skillfully jumps up on a big rock. I guess all of the avoiding of  fan girls is finally paying off. He sits on the rock, perched like a gargoyle, looking down at the goat. Sticking his tongue out at it. The goat turns around and walks away, as it walks away it starts pooping. Die and I start bursting out laughing. Kyo turns toward us and flips us off, smiling faintly. Shinya jogs over to Kyo, followed by a whole herd of baby goats,

            “Kyo! Look! They think I’m their mommy! They’re so cute!” Die and I laugh harder, only Shinya would say something like that. If it was Kyo they were following, he would probably start running after them, growling and yelling like what he does at concerts. Then, since they would think he is their mom, they would pick up on his personality and start charging at people, baying and acting rabid. Soon, the goats leave and Kyo and Shinya walk out from the petting zoo and walk towards us holding hands. They sit down next to us. We hear a kid crying and we see and little boy crying for his balloon that floated up into the tree, his mother trying to comfort him. Die gets up and walks toward the wailing boy, he stands on the bench and grabs the balloon. He hand the balloon to the boy. The mom thanks him and the kid hugs him. As they walk away the boy turns back around and waves to Die, Die waves back smiling. He walks back towards us.

            “Aww, Die that was so sweet.” Die looks at Shinya,

            “Shut up goat man.” Shinya just stares at Die, Kyo glares at him, growling quietly,

            “Die, don’t get me started. . .” Die looks towards Kyo,

            “Sorry, I just had to say it.” Kyo rolls his eyes. I clear my throat, Kyo and Die turn to look at me at the same time, Shinya is looking at the goats whispering too quietly for me to hear.

            “Why don’t we go on the carousal? There’s not a big line anymore.” Die grabs my hand,

            “Good idea.” He brings my hand up to his mouth and kisses the back of my hand. He picks me up, holding me like we are newlyweds.

            “Die? What are you doi-“

            ”NO TIME MY LOVE!! WE MUST GO TO THE CAROUSAL!!!” he bellows, drawing attention towards us. Kyo and Shinya are already half way to the carousal. To catch up Die starts running towards them. I yell in fear, and grip harder.

“DIE! SLOW DOWN! IM SCARED!” I don’t want to fall, if it was grass I wouldn’t care if I fall. But, if I fell here my face would say hello to the cement. I feel Dies strong muscles flex as he runs, I blush and bury my head into the crook of his neck and shoulder, feeling his pulse. We reach the carousal as Kyo and Shinya get in. Kyo chooses a white tiger and Shinya chooses the bunny next to the tiger. Shinya has troubles with the seat belt and struggles for a little while. Kyo leans over and gently swipes Shinya’s hands away and buckles the seat belt. Shinya blushes and Kyo kisses the top of his forehead before leaning back on his ride.

            “What do you want to ride my little Toshi?” I look up at Die, his face only inches away from my own. I mumble,

            “Whatever you want to ride.” He smiles sweetly at me and leads me to a booth, behind Kyo and Shinya. He plops me down and sits down next to me. We buckle in and the music starts playing, and we start moving. Die moves close to me and whispers in my ear,

            “I love you Toshi.” I turn to him and whisper back,

            “I love you too, Die.” He smiles gently at me and kisses me sweetly on the lips.


            The carousal stops and we get off. Shinya spots a ice cream stand and drags Kyo over there. We follow them. We all order a medium twist cone, and find a place to sit. With the heat, Die’s ice cream melts making some ice cream fall onto his pants. He takes in a sharp intake and looks over to Shinya, who is happily eating his ice cream, oblivious to the world around him.

            “Shinya, I dropped some ice cream on my pants. Will you mind if you clean it up? Since you are known to lick ice cream off of people.” Shinya stops eating at stares at Die, Kyo hugs Shinya and glares at Die,

            “No, he can’t. He only cleans the ice cream that I spill.” He turns towards his lover and stares lovingly at him,

            “Right?” Shinya nods and smiles, Kyo smiles back and kisses Shinya on the lips. Die turns towards me, smiling. I recognize that smile anywhere, it was that smile that got us in trouble with Kyo and Shinya last week. Their kiss grows deeper. Die takes in a deep breath and winks at me then screams at the top of his lungs,

            “PDA!!!!!!! LOOK AT THE TWO GUYS KISSING!! HEY! GET A ROOM!!!! THERES LITTLE KIDS HERE!!!!!!” People immediately start staring and pointing. Kyo and Shinya jump. Kyo glares at Die, sending a shiver of fear down my spine. What is wrong with Die? Does he have a death wish?! Kyo speaks in a very low, threatening voice. That makes me even more scared,

            “If I were you, I would start running. Because when I catch you, you are a dead man.” Die laughs,

            “Ok! Bring it midget!” Kyo lunges at Die,

            “DON’T CALL ME A MIDGET!!” Shinya catches Kyo,

            “KYO! Don’t! he’s just being stupid! There’s no need to kill him!” Shinya struggles with the angry thrashing Kyo. Die opens his mouth to say something stupid. I cover his mouth with my hand.

            “Are you stupid Die?!? What is wrong with you!?” soon Shinya has Kyo settled down and I finally got Die to be quiet.  I turn towards Shinya who is dealing with the pouting Kyo.

            “I guess they’re not mature enough to go to a zoo yet.” Shinya nods,

            “Yes, this is what parents feel.” I smile,

            “Hey, we should take them to a nursery then!” Shinya gives me the look of horror.

            “Are you insane? Die would make those kids go crazy and Kyo would probably eat them!!” Kyo looks up at Shinya muttering under his breath,

            “No I wouldn’t. . .” I laugh,

            “Yeah, you’re probably right. I guess we are just going to have to punish them instead.” Die looks at me,

            “NO! no, daddy! Don’t hit me! I promise to be good!” I look at him, shaking my head,

            “No, I won’t hit you,” I run my hand down the length of my body, “You see this? Yeah, you won’t be getting anything tonight.” Dies mouth falls open,

            “No fair! I’ll be good! I know! To prove to you I will be good I will hug Kyo as an apology! KYO! Come here!” Kyo jumps at Dies scream. He turns to see Die running towards him with his arms outstretched. Kyo starts running away.

            “NO! GET AWAY YOU FREAK!!” Die chases Kyo around. Kyo tries to escape Die by scuttling up a tree, Die grabs his feet,

            “No, no my little squirrel. You are not getting away from me!” he pulls Kyo down and smothers him in a hug. Kyo writhers, trying to get away. Shinya and I laugh at the sight, Kyo’s hand hit Die’s eye, he’s going to have a black eye in the morning. This actually turned out to be a really fun double date. 

note: the first time i wrote this story, i was disconnected to the internet, and when i clicked to post it the computer totally killed my story. so i had to rewrite it. i was so mad! D: lol i dont know if its me, but i can see Die doing those things hahahaha

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thanks for sharing.
Just a tiny request: could you please use an lj-cut? :)

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