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midnight romance
obbsession612 wrote in jrock_ffrequest
I recently just found Versailles and i wanted to make a nice fan story about it. i hope you like it :) i really enjoyed writing it

I grab the door handle, my pale hand curls around it. I open the door and walk inside the grand house of Jasmine You. I think about him, I smile faintly. He invited me here to discuss about the matters of Versailles. Even though I know he only thinks of me as a friend, I can’t shake the attraction I have for him. I see him walk gracefully into the entry hall. My heart skips a beat. He is wearing my favorite dress, it’s a dark midnight blue and white satin dress, simple but very beautiful and it compliments Jasmine’s body nicely. He smiles at me,

            “Teru, how are you?” He pulls me into a light hug, I smile back faintly,

            “I am doing fine. And you Jasmine?” Jasmine waves his white gloved hand in the air,

            “I’ve been better, but I’ve been worse too.” I follow him into the living room; the eighteenth century style furniture fills the room. Candles replace any kind of light bulbs that once inherited this house. The thick dark red velvet drapes cover the windows slightly dimming the room, but also giving the room a faint gold look from the setting sun. He motions me to sit down, I choose the love seat that matches the drapes. I watch the fire in the fireplace crackle as Jasmine prepares the tea. A few short minutes later he comes back and with a china tray accompanied with a small white china tea pot and two matching tea cups on their saucers, creamer and a little pot with sugar cubes in it. He sets the tray down on the dark cherry wood coffee table in front of me. He pours the tea into the tea cups, the tea is a dark caramel color. He looks at me expectedly I speak,

            “Oh, I would like three sugar cubes please.” He nods and grabs the silver sugar cube tongs and retrieves three sugar cubes for my tea. He plops them in and hands the tea and its saucer to me. I take it, bowing my head slightly,

            “Thank you Jasmine.” He smiles and bows his head back. He sits down next to me, and drinks his tea slowly. We sit there, quietly. Listening to the classical music playing in the background. Suddenly, Jasmine turns towards me,

            “Do you know what I like about dusk Teru?” I turn back and stare into his soft, dark brown eyes. I shake my head, he smiles faintly,

“I like the dusk because it fills the world with beauty.” I stare at him questionably, he sweeps his elegant arm across the golden lit room, “The gold, red, and purple. It makes the world beautiful, when its dusk you don’t think of how scary the world is, no, you relax at home in your favorite chair watching the colors swirl around your house. Nothing bad happens during the evening time. It’s when life gives you a chance to take a breath of relief and enjoy the pure innocence of beauty.” I stare at him, my mouth slightly agape. He looks around the room, taking in the beauty. I do admit, with the gold it turns this room into something else. Something I don’t get to see at my house. Why is that? Is it because of his philosophy that made me see how pretty things really are? Jasmine turns back to me,

            “What is your favorite time of the day?” I bend my head down and look into my tea cup, seeing my reflection in the tea, watching the steam rise in small tendrils. Any time with you, Jasmine. I think to myself,

            “My favorite time of the day would have to be nighttime.” Jasmine leans forward slightly,

            “How so Teru?” I look back up the light falls on his back having the colors of the sunset behind him, right now he looks like an angel.

            “The nighttime is a time for comfort. You can think about how the day went, and not have to worry about what will happen next because you are in your bed surrounded with blankets. The nighttime for me is beautiful, when I can’t sleep I go outside on my balcony and just stare up at the stars enjoying the faint nighttime breeze ruffle through my hair. It’s when everyone has settled down, and you can actually hear your own thoughts without the chaos of daytime.” Jasmine nods,

            “I can see why you like the nighttime so much Teru. How you described it, it sounded peaceful. Do you like philosophy?” I shrug,

            “I had to study it in high school, but it never really sparked my interest. Why?” Jasmine shrugs this time,

            “Well, I thought up of the perfect philosophy about human beings.” This has to be interesting, Jasmine is so thoughtful, he puts time and work into what he says, every phrase of his has some kind of meaning, no matter how big or small all of them are important to him. I smile,

            “What is your philosophy on humans Jasmine?”

            “Well, think of us as fire.”


            “Yes, fire. Like fire, if we can control ourselves and our strength, we can help make the world blossom. But, if we get too confident in our abilities and get out of hand we can also bring ruin to the very world we that love.” I stare at him,

            “Wow, Jasmine. That was very good. I liked it.” No, I didn’t like it, I loved it. For some reason that philosophical phrase really affects me. Perhaps because it is from Jasmine? He turns towards me smiling.

            “Really? You liked it? Do you have any favorite philosophical phrases?”

            “Ummm. The only one that I remember is if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a noise?” Jasmine laughs slightly, his laughter soft and musical,

            “I don’t think it would, because no one was around to hear it, so therefore no noise.” I laugh along with and shrug my shoulders,

            “Like I said I don’t really read that philosophical stuff.” He nods and gets up, he takes my empty tea saucer and the other dishes and walks back into the kitchen. All the light from earlier has vanquished. Leaving us in the dark when he returns. He draws the curtains and lights the candles. The candles’ soft glow casts on his slender body, he sits next to me. He slides his hands out of the white silk, elbow high gloves and gently lies them on the coffee table. With the gloves off I see how soft his skin looks. I study him, his dress is somewhat low cut, I am able to see his collar bone. His elegant white neck is adorned with a few simple, platinum necklaces. His blue hair pulled into his favorite hairstyle, with a loose bun on top of his head and some locks falling down over his shoulder and back, his bangs swept over to the left. Lastly, my eyes fall upon his lips that are stained dark red. I feel myself blushing, when I realize how close he is sitting next to me. All the pillows on the loveseat really only gives us so much space, right now he is only an inch or so away from me, I can feel the warmth of his body. He looks at me, biting his luscious lips,

            “Teru. Do you consider me a good friend? Best friend perhaps?” I look at him, speechless, where did this come from?

            “Yes, Jasmine. You are a very good friend. I could even place you in the best friend category.” He nods and looks down at the dark wood flooring. I study him more closely, is he blushing?

            “Where did that come from Jasmine?” He mumbles something quietly I can’t hear him so I lean in closer. He looks at me and touches my face gently with his hand. I don’t know what to say. His eyes bore into mine for a second, he slowly leans in towards me and lightly places his soft lips on my own. He pulls back, blushing even more, looking away. My mouth falls open,

            “Jasmine?” He turns back towards me, smiling timidly.

            “I’m sorry, that was reckless of me. It’s just that, I don’t know how to explain it other than I love you Teru. But, I’m sure you don’t love me. So from the bottom of my heart I apologize for doing that.” I grab his hand that is resting on his knee and smile back,

            “It’s ok Jasmine, because I’ve loved you for a long time now, I just didn’t know how to tell you.” The look he gives me is of pure relief and happiness.

            “Ok, that’s good. Because I did not regret kissing you Teru.” I lean closer to him, the tips of our noses touching. I stare lovingly into his liquid eyes,

            “I didn’t either.” He smiles and I kiss him.




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