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Gothic roses
Hello all! I'm new here. I have two requests, one as just a general pairing and another with a sort of plot prompt. The first is GacktxJosh Hartnett because of Bunraku. I just read this slashy detail that appearantly they were filming a scene where Hartnett had to throw Gackt which resulted in Gackt blacking out for a second and waking up with Josh cradling his head and calling his name. Yeah, that started sparks in my head. Also, the other is a JukaxKazuno story where they meet again after Juka leaves Moi dix Mois. Thanks!

[REQ:] fanfictiooon ^^
hitsugi - obscene
im new here (and already requesting xD) buuut i really miss this two pairing over LJ:
Kaoru X Kyo and Taturou x YUKKE....
soooo if there is someone willing to write one (or both) pairing mentioned i would be really glad ^^ as i dont write (much.. only one fanfic to this day) and my drawing are shitty i dont know ho to 'repay' you ^^;; but i will try to do something for you if you want meh ^^

so requests:
Pairing: Kaoru X Kyo OR Taturou x YUKKE
Genre: NOT angst, NOT death fic, everything other is fine ^^ even AU ^^ but i wish it would end good cuz.. this is fanFICTION not shitty life x)
Rating: from PG-13 to R, doesnt matter ^^ im just in need of these two pairing ^^

D'espairsRay request
Love Shou/Pon
I would like to request a fanfiction about Hizumi leaving d'espairsray, and he either has a disease or addiction. The pairing: Tsukasa/Hizumi/Karyu.(can be changed to suit author) the couple/trio can be toghther already, or you can lead up to it..its up to you.

PS:Thanks so  much, I've wanted to read a story like this,hope its not a bother.

kyo eye
Since I just finished watching the extra part on MUCC's AGEHA DVD, and realized that Miya has been my favorite member since I saw them at ToC.

I WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST. MIYAXKAORU. DUN DUN DUUUUN. AND GUESS WHO'S ON TOP. That's right. MIYA. UNF UNF. I don't really care what is it about as long as it has smut and is realistic. 8D


Fanfic Requests Open Now.
Alrightey, let's get this part-ayyy started. (Sorry for sounding like I'm high on crack, but I promise I don't write like that in my fanfics. XD)

Familiarity: I write Tora x Saga from Alice Nine almost exclusively. But I'm willing to try almost anything. :D Although if you do request someone I'm unfamiliar with, it might take me a while; I like to do my research. Also, please do not request Tora or Saga in any other type of pairings except with each other. Thanks.

Het/Yaoi/Yuri: Yaoi, please. But I'm willing to try a hand in Het, as well.

Quantity: Currently, only 5 at the most. If I do get 5 requests, it will take me some time. I has crazy schedule nao.

Trade: I'm quite easy to please, any fanfic/fanart or whatever will do fine. Especially if it's...Tora x Saga. In fact, its not even necessary.

Rating(s): Most anythings, except smut.

Special Wishes: It'd be nice if you gave me something to work on. A prompt or whatever. Also, I write angst and fluff the best. Just a little tip for you, that's all. When I think of any other special wishes, I'll just add it in. :D

If you're not familiar with my works and you want to know how my fanfics are like, just head on towards my latest fanfiction archive over ( here ).

Thanks! ♥

I hate to sound like a newb >> but the rules said nothing about doing this, so please delete if this isnt allowed.


I would like to request a fic from anyone really :3
Its a weird pairing of Riku Ex-Phantasmagoria/Chariots and Naoto of Exist Trace. If anyone could do this I would gladly write you a fic in return.

please and thank you~!

[REQUESTED FIC] Satisfaction [oneshot]
Title: Satisfaction
Author: Dazzling Despair
Band/s: gazette/Exist†Trace
Pairing/s: Aoi x Jyou
Rating: R
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Events are 100% completely made up. I do not own or know any of the people mentioned herein nor do I make any such claims.
Notes: This is a request fic for surmise using her prompt of this picture. I was actually really nervous writing this because I’ve never written JRock het before. I’m not completely satisfied with it so I hope you, the readers, think I did a good job.

Also, I have no idea if Jyou smokes or not, but for the purposes of this story, she does.

Comments and feedback are especially welcome for this fic.
Thanks and enjoy!


[Req. Fin.] Tora/Hiroto {oneshot} Polished Diamonds
Title: Polished Diamonds
Chapter: Oneshot
Author: chinesetakeout
Pairing: Tora/Hiroto
Prompt: 029. love @ 50stories
Summary: Was there ever a proper way to end an affair with someone you would always love?
Rating: PG13
Genre: romance, angst
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: No.
Comments: For acu_saree who pretty much requested an all around not-so-happy story.

( Tora watched from afar as Hiroto’s pretty, pretty eyes shone like polished diamonds. )

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