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We're all writers here

to fulfill our wishes

midnight romance
I recently just found Versailles and i wanted to make a nice fan story about it. i hope you like it :) i really enjoyed writing it

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Double date at the Zoo

i (sadly) do not own Dir en Grey. so please no lawsuit :p

Dir en grey at the zoo!! scary right? hahaha :pCollapse )

car accident
this fanstory was going to origanlly be about Miyavi and Maya, but as i wrote more i changed it to Bou and Teruki. I dont own An Cafe, so i beg noooo lawsuits i am too poor to pay for a sueing lol :p i hope you enjoy ^-^
Bou is a coma! and Teruki thinks its all his fault!Collapse )

(no subject)
I'm not sure that anyone frequents this community anymore, but I thought it was worth a try.

I would like to request AkixMizuki from Sadie if anyone is up for writing it.

I like fluffiness and mpreg, but I have no requirements besides Aki is seme and Mizuki is uke.

I'm sorry that I can't offer up a fic in return, but I would be eternally grateful if somebody wrote this.

hello there!
it's kind of dead here, but 100+ members are still watching, right?
so I want to try to write again, and I've been writing stuff on and off for a few months now anyway.

Familiarity: only completely comfortable with Antic Cafe (only new!Cafe, I don't like Bou), but I also like Janne da Arc, Ayabie, alice nine. and GazettE.

Het/Yaoi/Yuri: I love j-rock het (see special wishes), but I also do yaoi too. though it makes me feel kinda bad to write yaoi the way everyone else does, I do it anyway ahaha.

2-3 at a time, I just need something to jumpstart this mixed fandom art/writing journal with j-rock stuff too.

Trade: I'd prefer not to, because I'd feel pressured to do a perfect job, and I don't like pressure. but if you really want to...

Rating(s): anything from G to NC-17, though I'm such a perv, I have more fun with NC-17 things

Special Wishes:
I'll write anyone from An Cafe generally, but I'd prefer to use at least one of these if it's one of the other bands: You, Ka-yu (Janne da Arc), Intetsu (Ayabie), Hiroto (alice nine.) and Reita (GazettE). but I still can write shorter things with anyone, if you give me a summary of everyone involved and let me have a little creativity.
- I also love female OCs or even self-inserts (lol) for whatever reason. you can totally ask me to write you and your favorite J-rocker if I like him. or if you don't mind something short, anyone at all. 2nd person sounds awesome, too.
- I also kinda have a thing for gender bending/switching + pr0nz, so if you want that, I'll probably do it regardless of who it is. ahahahaha.

Reposting myself with changes
teru, paint
Here I am again with some slight changes xD OH and to the two who have requests, I am going to do them as soon as possible. I have lots of free time right now! (If you would like to change and/or update them, feel free)

Familiarity: Dir en grey, An Cafe, X Japan, SID, the GazettE, Nightmare, alice nine., LUNA SEA (well, just Ryuichi, J, and Sugizo), LM.C, Malice Mizer, Phantasmagoria, Vidoll (Jui, Rame, Giru), Gackt/Miyavi, Angelo (Kirito and Kohta), ScReW (everyone except Jin [I can try him though]), Miyavi, S.K.I.N., HYDE, T.M.Revolution, Kiyoharu, Kenzi, Asagi, Ryutaro, Yumehito and Aoi from Ayabie, hide/Yoshiki, Sugizo/Yoshiki, Kaya, Versailles, Hakuei, Satsuki, Sadie, Hora, SuG (haven't attempted everyone), and VAMPS

Het/Yaoi/Yuri: Yaoi, please. I can do hetero, but choose not to usually

Quantity: Probably 5. Can't guarantee how fast I can get them done, but I promise I will.

Trade: Sure if you'd like to! ^-^

Rating(s): Pretty much anything, but I can't really do descriptive sex. Tried and failed so far...but my friend tells me I write some of the best she's read.

Special Wishes: If you're willing to be doing a trade, we can arrange something. Umm...I have all of these really weird pairings that no one has ever heard of, but yeah... It'll depend on the pairing for the situation and such. If you don't like Jrockers being OOC, don't request from me and please don't criticize.


Will: AU, kink (to an extent), mpreg (I like this), anime crossover (only if I know it [ex. using the world and concepts of Chobits][just ask]), crack pairings

Won't: Anything with Toshi from X JAPAN in it (it's just gross to me). I shall not write Kami from Malice Mizer with any one except for his special pairing I've made him. That still leaves a lot open, but I have to stick to my code when I write. I will only write Gackt with Miyavi, no exceptions and I will not do Yoshiki/Miyavi, so please don't ask. Sorry!


cadkitten- Die x Reita, NC-17 as possible, comfort
xoshimmystarox- J x Inoran- anything really and Sugizo x Aki- seme Sugizo, pierceing kink

Intro and all that stuff?
Nil Icon
Familiarity:  the GazettE, alice nine., Miyavi, LM.C, ScReW

Het/Yaoi/Yuri: I only do yaoi and sometimes het if I feel like I can manage it. Sorry, absolutely no Yuri.

Quantity: Two at a time, for now. School's been killing me.

Trade: Not necessarily. All I ask is for you to like the fic because I put time and effort into them. :) 

Rating(s): K to NC-17. Nothing bothers me.

Special Wishes: Please, please, PLEASE do not ask me to write hardcore, like really hardcore, fluff. I cannot stand it. Basically I can do small stuff like cuddling together and 'making love', but I'm not exactly good at it. Angst, I can definitely do. Crack? It depends on my mood, honestly. No series fics either; those I cannot even do on my own.

kaoru and toshiya
Because I have a fic idea that I'm just not entirely comfortable writing. :|

Also, if anyone has any requests that they want me to take on, you're more than welcome to ask. However, since this is a pretty busy time of year for me, I will probably be quite slow about cranking them out.

And so...

Familiarity: Dir en grey, Ayabie, Phantasmagoria (er... Kisaki and Riku) Miyavi, D'espairsray...

Het/Yaoi/Yuri: Mm, none of it bothers me.

Quantity: I'll probably only take two requests at a time.

Rating(s): Again, none of it bothers me. I just have a tendency of being a bit vulgar. :|

Special Wishes: Anyone that writes Kyo/Kisaki ponyplay will be my hero forever. (FFFFFFFFFF.) The more messed up the better.

Back in the Requesting Business.
So, I figured that since spring break is almost here, I would give myself up to someone to request some things from me. :]
And don't be mad if I post your request up in two months or so, school is hetic and I have limited time on the computer due to my grades. :[

Familiarity: the gazette, SID, Dir en Grey, D[di;], Wonder Girls, Gackt, DBSK, Miyavi, melody. 12012, 9Goats Black Out, alice nine, an cafe, BIS, Danger Gang, D=Out, exist trace, FLOW, Girugamesh, Kagrra, Koda Kumi, Kiyoharu, Kuroyume, L'Arc~en~Ciel, HYDE, hide, LM.C, Malice Mizer, Maximum the Hormone, Mika Nakashima, MUCC, Nightmare, Penicillin, Renter en Soi, Sadie, Screw, SuG, Zwei, Yuna Ito, Hikaru Utada, Versailles, Vidoll, Unsraw.

Het/Yaoi/Yuri: Het and Yaoi only.

Quantity: I can take up to two request.

Trade: I don't really care if you are willing to write a fic for me in return, just as long if you are happy with fic I wrote for you; then that will be my only trade. :3

Rating(s): Up to PG - 13. I'm taking a short break from smut fiction right now.

Have fun~.

mucc and alice nine
I am new here and would like to request a Tatsu x Miya(MUCC) with Tatsu as seme!
Or a Nao x Hiroto (Alice Nine)
They are so rare to find and it would make me really happy, since I am in bed since like a month because of a surgery and I am sooo bored!